Some business dealings for the past three years:

1- Sold over 236,000 meters of pipes in sizes 6″,8″,14″,16″ according to standards API 5L , GB(PSL2)to National Iranian South Oil Company ( NISOC-OIL ).

2- Sold over 562,000 meters of pipes in sizes 4″,6″ with various thicknesses to Iranian Central Oil Fields Co.

3- Sold over 53,000 meters of pipes in sizes 8″,16″,32″ with different thicknesses and standards to National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Co. ( in four contracts).

4- Sold over 52,000 meters of 12″ pipes to National Gas Cooperative Employees Company.

5- Sold over 11,800 meters of 20″,36″ pipes with thickness of 0.500″,0.669″ and standard API 5L GX60, X52 (PSL2)to Natural Gas Storage Company of Iran.

6- Sold over 10,000 meters of 4″ and 6″ pipes with thickness of 4.8mm and standard API 5L GB to Aghajari Oil & Gas Exploration Co.

7- Sold over 25,000 meters of pipes to Lorestan Province Gas.

8- Sold over 60,000 meters of pipes in sizes 4″,6″ and 10″ with different thicknesses and applicable standards to Qazvin Province Gas Co.

9- Sold over 17,300 meters of pipes in sizes 8″,10″ and 12″ with different thicknesses and applicable standards to Kermanshah Province Gas Co.

10- Sold over 14,000 meters of SEAMLESS,ERW pipes to Zanjan Gas Co.

11- Sold over 821 meters of 14″ pipes with thickness of 0.312″ with standard API 5L X52 PSL2 to Shaheed Montazeri Power Plant.

12- Sold over 4,700 meters of 6″ SEAMLESS pipes with API 5L GX52 to Tabriz Oil Refinery

13- Procurement of 8,000 meters of 6″ pipe for Zanjan Gas,purchased from Hebei Company.

14- Procurement of over 10,000 meters of 4″ pipe for Yasouj Gas from purchased from Hebei Company.

15- Procurement of 3,120 pcs. of differrent valves Ball,Gate,Check,Globe in variety of sizes ranging from 150 to 2500 classes for Jondishapour ( Shurijeh project )

16- Sold over 3000 meters of 16″ pipe with thickness of 0.275″ API 5L GX52 to Fars Province Gas Co.

17- Procurement of over 85,000 meters of pipes in sizes 6″,8″,10″and 16″ for Pars Parmida Co. and Spanda Gas Development Co.

18- Sold over 2,000 meters of 8″ pipes with thickness of 0.312″ and API 5L GX42 (PSL2) standard to Boustan Rah Co.

19- Sold over 410,000 meters of pipes in sizes 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″ and 20″ with different thicknesses and applicable standards to Omran Joush Sabalan, Armit, Hirbod Nirou and Pars Eghdam, Aria Steel, Pai Weld, Pars Fonoon, Chine Saz Beihagh, Pabdana, Mana, Zamin farsh

20- Sold over 5,000 meters of pipes in sizes 8″,12″ to Hirbod Nirou for IOEC projects ( Bahregan projects).

21- Sold over 100,000 KILOMETERS of variety of galvanized water pipes with different coatings to Water and Wastewater Co. of Ministry of Agriculture throughout the country.

22- Procurement of over 7,280 flanges, fittings and gaskets in sizes 1.2″ to 36″ to Nirpars Co. ( phases 17&18 of POGC) for construction of tanks .

23- Procurement of over 44 pcs. of valves in different sizes and classes 300,600 and 900 to Spanda Development Gas Co. , Khouzestan and Kermanshah provinces Gas Companies.

24- Procurement of over 15,000 pcs. of Flanges,Fittings and Gascket in variety of sizes ranging from different classes for Pabdana Co.

25- Procurement of 748 pcs. of different valves ( Ball, Gate, Globe, Check) in variety of sizes ranging from 150 to 2,500 class for ITOK Co. ( Serajeh project).

26- procurement of 4,300 meters of 36″ pipes with thickness of 17mm for Shurijeh Jondi Shahpour project.

27- Contract with KALANAFT TEHRAN for procurement of 68,400 meter of different pipes of 4″ up to 36″ with X60 and X52 standards FOR Maroun project of NISOC.

28- Procurement of 5,016 meter of 48″ gas pipes for transferring gas related to Fifth Line of Gas to Gas Transfer Company (Pardis New City).

29- Procurement of 30,000 meter of 12″ with 6.4 mm thickness for Ilam Gas Company

30- Procurement of 140,000 flanges and fittings for Jondishapour Company related to (Hengam Gas Refinery Project-Qeshm)with IOOC as the end-user

31- Procurement of 27,000 meter Casing pipe with 18 5/8″ diameter to NIDC

32- Procurement of 3,600 meter of 16″ pipe to Tehran Province Gas Company
33- Procurement of 200 kilometer of 8″ ERW pipe to Iran Gas Commercial Company

34- Procurement of 16″pipe and Rakshield for gas transfer of phase no. 5 of Tehran Province, Ottarodian Company

35- Procurement of 1600 m casing 10 ¾ from sumitomo  for NIDC